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Dated: 08/15/2016

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In every crowd, you usually have two groups of people. You have your extraverts who feed off of the thrill of a large crowd. They love being the center of attention and the life of the party. The idea of a social gathering that promises to be loud and chaotic, doesn’t faze or fluster these socialites. Then, there are the introverts. Unlike many may believe, introverts aren’t always shy and quiet. The difference between them and their counterparts is that while extraverts become energized by the high of a bustling and jam-packed social setting, introverts leave feeling drained and worn out. An introvert may be sitting quietly in the corner of a party, or he may be cracking jokes and laughing with the rest of them. It’s when he goes home that he experiences the toll that being around a large group took on him.

When you consider the beaches of Delaware, your mind immediately goes to some of the primary locations such as: Dewey, Lewes, Rehoboth, and Bethany Beach. One of the hidden treasures of the east coast, however, is another beach spot called Fenwick Island. If you could describe these sandy shores in terms of personality, Fenwick Island would lean towards the introvert characteristic. Not always the crowded tourist location, Fenwick Island promises to be a good time and a relaxing vacation spot, but is unspoiled by touristy commerce that you might encounter elsewhere. For those souls longing for the sweet sound of solitude, Fenwick Island promises to be a haven – an escape from the out of state traffic that takes over much of the east coast during summertime.

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(Fenwick Lighthouse in 1913.)

For most Delaware natives who have grown up near the water, swimming, fishing and laying out in the hot sun has most likely always been a part of your summer narrative. Also a part of the narrative may have been a love/hate relationship with the overly congested beaches. If you’ve always had to weigh the pros of heading to Rehoboth or Bethany Beach with the uncertainty of even finding a parking spot or a place to lay your beach towel down, then Fenwick Island may be just the place for you! Hit the surfing waves on the Atlantic side in the morning, while fishermen stand quietly by trying to make a catch. In the evening, catch the beautiful sunset on the tranquil calm of the Little Assawoman Bay simply by picking up your beach towel, donning your flip floss and crossing the street.

While you’re there, take in the beauty of Fenwick’s iconic Lighthouse. Built in 1859, this 2 story brick structure is now operating as a museum and aid to navigation. It is open to the public from May to September. The Lighthouse sits at 87 feet tall and is fully operational at the age of 157 years old. There are numerous lodgings available in Fenwick including: Seaside Inn, Fenwick Islander Motel, Atlantic Coast Inn and more. Eat at the 50+ year old Fenwick Crab House for an authentic seafood experience or try out the many other options listed here. Lastly, enjoy a smaller version of Ocean City or Rehoboth’s boardwalk, with Fenwick Island’s very own version. The Fenwick boardwalk is a couple blocks from the ocean and has everything you might need: coffee, ice cream, food and even mini-golf!

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(Fenwick Boardwalk.)

Rest at ease knowing that this hidden treasure awaits discovery for the “introvert beach-goer”. It presents itself as a place of refuge for the weary wanderer who just wants to get away from the partiers and the uproarious mad traffic found at the majority of Delaware beaches during summer months. If you’ve come close to giving up on your beach days, give Fenwick a chance. There is nothing more relaxing that a quiet and mild spot to hear nothing but the whip of a fishing line hitting the water and the break of crashing waves on the shore.

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