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Dated: 09/20/2016

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Life is full of choices. From the moment you wake up in the morning until you return your head to its pillow, you are making decisions. What will I wear today? Which route should I take to work in order to avoid rush hour? When should I cook dinner? These are the tedious questions that we answer 24 /7. We might not realize just how frequently we are forced to weigh out possibilities and their consequences; but the truth is that we are often exercising our ability to make decisions more often then we are not.

As much as we utilize our decision-making skills, we often take for granted our ability to make swift sound judgments until we are faced with more life altering and heavy verdicts. It may seem easy to pick between Cheerios and Apple Jacks for breakfast, but what do you do when deciding between colleges? How do you make a choice between two different jobs or even two different homes when considering relocation? Since there is no crystal ball that will tell you the exact choice to make for every conflict in life, we must often do the next best thing.

For every resolution that you make it life, let it be backed with much soul searching, dialogue, and most importantly…. research! If picking out a name for your newborn child, for example, you may want to look up the meaning first. Names can be self-fulfilling prophecies. If moving into a new city, on the other hand, you may want to know a little bit about its history before making it a part of yours. When it comes to the east coast, there are many charming cities to choose from for retirement, relocation or a second home. One such location is the town of Ocean View, DE.

Image title(A church group fish fry on the shores of Ocean View in 1880.)

Located 1 mile from the Indian River Bay and only 1 mile west of the Atlantic Ocean, Ocean View was founded in April of 1889. Its history goes back as far as the colonial time period and was founded by the Hall Family in the early 18th century. W.S. Hall opened a store in what is now known as Ocean View and a village soon followed. The area was made up mostly of farmers, seamen and boatmen. It is also known as the birthplace of the Commercial Broiler Industry even though the town no longer commercially grows and sells chicken. Since that time Ocean View has turned into a beautiful destination for tourists during the summer. Its population is a little over 1,900 residents year round and offers a small town flavor to those that call it home. Here is a breakdown of a few demographics for Ocean View:

  • Of the overall population in 2014, about 44% are males and 56% are females.

  • The median age for residents is about 63 years old.

  • 63% of residents are married.

  • The average household income is around $65,000.

  • Houses are selling around the $300K mark and the median gross rent is around $1,000.

  • Of the entire population, 98.7% has been educated with high school or higher, 41.6% has received a Bachelor’s or higher and 13.7% have a Graduate or professional degree.

  • The closest city to Ocean View with a population of 200,000 plus is Baltimore, MD. Philadelphia, PA is just a few miles further away, with a population of 1 million.

  • The closest cities nearby are Millville, Bethany Beach, Fenwick Island, Long Neck, Frankford, Dagsboro, DE and Bishopville, MD.

So if you’re looking for a new home with educated, wholesome neighbors and a safe, warm dynamic near all the big city hustle but nestled away into a small town-haven, it could just be that Ocean View is a good choice for you. These mentioned demographics barely touch the surface of all that is provided for those looking to find out more about their potential home. For a full list of demographics, click here. And if the decision still seems too overwhelming, that is when you should talk to someone who has done the bulk of the research for you. It certainly helps to converse with a Real Estate professional that knows the area and can answer any questions you may have. For the area of Ocean View and its counterparts, Realtor JoAnn Brandt is truly an expert. With years of experience in Real Estate and in selling homes in Ocean View, she is a safe voice to listen to as you are collecting information to make an educated decision about your future. Because of JoAnn's work ethic and dedication to customer service, the outcome is destined to be good for you as a client in search of that perfect home. To speak with her today, simply call (302) 300-7187 or visit her website at joannbrandt.exprealty.com.

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